Sunday, 1 September 2013

Birthday Celebration with Sharon Bee (Mrs. Hoong) @ Sage, The Garden

It's my last SINGLE Birthday Celebration with Sharon Bee as we are going for the registration the next day. She is officially called Mrs. Hoong now! :)

This is the best dinner so far which organized by my wife at "The Sage". Thank you so much for such delicious dinner! I still miss the scallop!!! We should go back there once we have the chance :)

Here is some picture taken during that night.

a2 IMG_1056 LR fb IMG_1070 LR fb IMG_1066 fbb IMG_1066 IMG_1071 LR fbb IMG_1074 fb a3 IMG_1085 LR fb d1 d2 IMG_1077 LR fb IMG_1079 LR fb IMG_1087 LR fb IMG_1090b fb IMG_1092b fb IMG_1099 LR fb IMG_1101b fb IMG_1107 LR fb IMG_1110 LR fb IMG_1118 LR fb IMG_1119 LR fb IMG_1129 fb IMG_1117 LR fb IMG_1122b fb
IMG_1114 fb fb Thank you so much LAO POH !!! Muacks!!

a4 Our OOTD of the Day!! HAHA

Thanks for viewing! :)

Monday, 29 April 2013

Pinko & Alex (ROM)

Sneak peek of last sunday shot in Tian Hou Temple with Pinko & Alex.
 We may now pronounce you Husband & Wife

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hi-So Mak Mak in Bangkok Trip - March 2013

First of all, i would like to thanks all my friend who went thailand trip. It is really awesome! No words can discribe how i felt towards the trip until today. The most important thing it was also a surprise marriage proposal for Sharon Bee (^_^)

Thank you for all the support

IMG_2261_1 IMG_2277_1 IMG_2285_1 IMG_2291_1 IMG_2293_1 IMG_2298_1 IMG_2303_1 IMG_2310_1 IMG_2312_1 IMG_2314_1 IMG_2316_1 IMG_2321_1 2pic-1 IMG_2325_1 IMG_2326_1 IMG_2331_1 IMG_2333_1 IMG_2334_1 IMG_2337_1 IMG_2338_1 IMG_2340_1 IMG_2343_1 IMG_2348_1 IMG_2349_1 IMG_2350_1 2 IMG_2352_1 IMG_2356_1 IMG_2357_1 IMG_2360_1 IMG_2365_1 IMG_2368_1 IMG_2369_1 IMG_2371_1 IMG_2385_1 IMG_2387_1 IMG_2388_1 IMG_2390_1 IMG_2393_1 IMG_2395_1 IMG_2398_1 3 IMG_2406_1 IMG_2412_1 IMG_2417_1 IMG_2431_1 IMG_2437_1 IMG_2438_1 IMG_2439_1 IMG_2442_1 4 5 IMG_2444_1 IMG_2451_1 IMG_2454_1 IMG_2465_1 IMG_2468_1 IMG_2473_1 IMG_2479_1 IMG_2486_1 IMG_2498_1 IMG_2500 6 IMG_2510_1 IMG_2545_1 IMG_2554_1 IMG_2560_1 IMG_2563_1 IMG_2566_1 7 IMG_2574_1 IMG_2576_1 IMG_2581_1 IMG_2584_1 IMG_2587_1 IMG_2589_1 8 IMG_2597_1 IMG_2598_1 IMG_2608_1 IMG_2613_1 IMG_2614_1 IMG_2618_1 IMG_2619_1 IMG_2621_1 IMG_2628_1 IMG_2631_1 IMG_2633_1 IMG_2634_1 IMG_2638_1 9 IMG_2639_1 IMG_2643_1 IMG_2641_1 IMG_2644_1 IMG_2649_1 IMG_2650_1 IMG_2664_1 IMG_2667_1 IMG_2668_1 IMG_2720_1 IMG_2669_1 IMG_2674_1 IMG_2671_1 IMG_2675_1 IMG_2677_1 IMG_2678_1 10 IMG_2682_1 IMG_2684_1 IMG_2686_1 IMG_2689_1 IMG_2698_1 IMG_2704_1 IMG_2709_1 <IMG_2714_1 IMG_2726_1 IMG_2727_1 IMG_2734_1 IMG_2738_1 IMG_2769_1 11 IMG_2717_1 IMG_2772_1 IMG_2788_1 IMG_2789_1 IMG_2793_1 IMG_2794_1 IMG_2796_1 IMG_2799_1 IMG_2801_1 IMG_2802_1 IMG_2805_1 IMG_2807_1 IMG_2810_1 IMG_2815_1 IMG_2824_1 IMG_2828_1 IMG_2842_1 IMG_2845_1 IMG_2859_1 IMG_2860_1 IMG_2892_1

Photograph by BeFoto
Vertigo And Moon Bar, Banyan Tree, Bangkok.IMG_2886_1 IMG_2886_1 IMG_2886_1 IMG_2886_1 Thank you so much for all the help BeFoto!!
The picture is TOOOO AWEEESOMEEEE !!!!
IMG_2925 13 IMG_2922_1 12 IMG_2933_1 IMG_2943_1 IMG_2947_1 IMG_2949_1 IMG_2954_1 IMG_2955_1 IMG_2962_1 IMG_2963_1 IMG_2966_1 IMG_2980_1 IMG_2982_1 IMG_2985_1 IMG_2988_1 IMG_3002_1 IMG_3010_1 IMG_3017_1 IMG_3012_1 IMG_3018_1 IMG_3021_1 IMG_3022_1 The Book Shop @ Ashton Condo, Bangkok.14 IMG_3027_1 IMG_3030_1 IMG_3033_1 IMG_3034_1 IMG_3036_1 IMG_3041_1 IMG_3044_1

Preparing for Pre-Wedding shoot :) IMG_3051_1 IMG_3052_1 IMG_3053_1 IMG_3055_1
Photograph by H+ Photography by Hayashi
Photographer : Hayashi
Facebook : HplusPhotography IMG_2886_1 IMG_2886_1 IMG_2886_1 Thank you so much for coming to Bangkok to shoot such beautiful and memorable pictures of us. It is so stunning! Can’t wait to see the others (^_^)

IMG_3071_1 IMG_3079_1 IMG_3082_1 IMG_3092_1 IMG_3109_1 IMG_3114_1 IMG_3127 IMG_3133 IMG_3124_1 IMG_3131 IMG_3120_1 IMG_3142_1 15 IMG_3007_1 IMG_2886_1 Thanks for viewing!